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Client: Fisher & Paykel
Corporate Head Office, Sydney
Project Address: 1 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park
Project Size: 1,200 sq.m
Contract Value: $1.25 Million
Construction Period: 8 Weeks
Architect: Custance Associates

Project Summary:

Corporate Interior Projects were nominated for this prestige project by an award winning New Zealand Architect, Custance NZ due to time constraints on the project as well as intricate design. Corporate Interior Project were flown to NZ to inspect Fisher and Paykel’s head office in Aukland to get a feel for what was required in the Australian head office in Macquarie Park, Sydney. The original project construction program was allocated for 12 weeks due to the intricate detail of the design and long lead times on certain material that was to be used. 2 weeks into the construction program we were informed of a mix up on the lease of Fisher and Paykel’s current accommodation. We were asked to expedite the program to be finished in 9 weeks, which left us 7 weeks to complete the works. CIP in conjunction with their sub-contractors pulled out all the stops to ensure this would happen. This project was nominated for an award in the NZ.

Curved Ply Grid Ceiling

The curved timber ply ceiling was the main feature of the entire project. The ply had to be flown in from NZ and had to be computer generated prior to manufacturing. It was manufactured in pods to ensure transport and access to building. It was erected like a jigsaw puzzle of approx. 75 pieces. The finished product appeared as one piece, one ceiling.

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